Sunday, August 22, 2010


1. Which service is most appropriate for your home computer?

-IBackup for Windows

2. Which service is most useful for the server that is used in the computer lab at your school?

-IBackup Professional due to reasons such as business continuity, secure, compliance,
affordable, online database backup and rapid save.

3. If you had critical data you needed to backup, would you use a service like this?

4. Why or why not?

Because by using the service offered you can:

- customize the day, the time and the notification options for your backup.
- modify your backup set if required.
- begins backup at the scheduled time automatically.
- notified about your scheduled back up job status.
- also take immediate backup of your files/folders using 'backup now' button
- also you can drag-n-drop your files/folders for backup.
- you can create multiple backup jobs and schedule the backup of the same.
- you can also maximize security for your files/folders you may opt for encryption on storage.

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