Thursday, July 29, 2010



  1. URL :
  2. Purpose : MyEG Services Berhad is a concessionaire for the Malaysian E- Government MSC Flagship Application. As a Service Provider for the E-Services component essentially provides the electronic link between the Government and citizens/businesses. Through portal, they offer the Malaysian public a single point of contact between the Government and the people it serves. This portal enables Malaysians to dynamically interact with numerous agencies within the Federal, State and the Local Government machinery providing services ranging from information searches to licence applications. To cater the services which require physical presence/interaction, MyEG has set up E-Service Centres located throughout the country to complement online presence. (eg: driving license renewal, auto insurance renewal, roadtax renewal, maid permit renewal, PDRM summons alert, LDL application etc.)
  3. Experience :
    I decided to try the online renewal service provided by myeg. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning because I’m so used to the personal service by my agent. I was used as well to see that the geran (car registration card) is printed each time road tax is being renewed. A friend of mine shared his experience of using myeg service and managed to convince me that the online renewal is convenient, fast and most of all safe. I decided to give it a try early July 2010.
    Service is efficient. Delivery made within 2 days. Payment is quicker using credit card. There’s a 2 days float period if payment is made on direct debit. I concluded this service as fast and reliable. Although myeg claimed that they provide 24×7 service, the road tax renewal might not be fully successful during the weekend as it relies on JPJ back end system. I will definitely use this service for my insurace &roadtax renewal next time.

2. Purpose : To be a high-performance Public Service personnel agency in developing an excellent workforce that provides quality services through policy formulation and human resource management. To enhance Public Service human capital effectiveness in upholding Public Service excellence through the function below:
  • To be the main advisor to the government in the management of public service personnel;
  • To formulate public service personnel policies including employment, emplacement, promotion, training, salaries, incentives and recognition;
  • To plan for quality public service manpower requirements;
  • To determine the optimum size and appropriate organisational structure; and
  • To manage employer-employee relations towards creating a harmonious working environment.
3. Experience :

I am working as a secretary in a Government agencies, I normally use this site to update my data in HRMIS.(a system for govt servant to keep data/profile).
Other than that, i also find JPA website for these purposes, example; to keep myself updated service circulars, information for Malaysian civil servant (eg: promotion, leave, health and allowances etc.) It is easy plus convenient.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


buku xpyh beli kot... save skit.nk ikutkan kalo beli buku pun..bkn nye larat nk baca buku tebal².lg best kalo baca notes :P try bukak i-learn tp xleh lg la.stil csc 208..camner nk update student profile yg pn suruh tu ye..erm..nti² la .. notes pun ingt nk amik dr situ..dh xleh bukak..jwbnye..tgu je la.this week nk bwk thumbdrive la.senang trus masa cls.


latihan yg puan bg aritu x buat lg..keje byk kat ofis..tgk la kot2 mlm ni bole buat.. sabtu ahad aritu bz adik dok ulang alik ke HUKM..bila la nk study..niat dh murni nk score subject ni..insyAllah

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my 1st CSC 108 lecture

lecturer cute je..nama : puan nurul hidayah mat zain.. td lps abis chapter kena buat blog plk..1st time buat blog..merapu meraban nih..hantam je la labu.. :P learning..n still learning..mtk² blog ni jd comel secomel tuan nye..hihi ..